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May 13, 2009


Theme #316 Teeth

I really dislike going to the dentist. You could blame it on my childhood experiences that involve some really bad dentist. I know, you can't blame them, they were just doing their job with what information and technology they had at the time.
Twenty five years ago, give or take a couple, I thought I had found a really good dentist. He was up to date with the new trends and dental industry. He really took great care of my mouth. Now he is gone and the search for someone to replace him began.
After some in depth research and several inquires later I think I have come up with a winner.
I had my first appointment this month and come to find out my favorite dentist didn't do his job the way he should have. Now I am scheduled for appointment after appointment to get my mouth in to shape. OH BOTHER, what we subject ourselves to to be able to have good teeth and a pretty smile. ÜDid I mention that I really DISLIKE dentist? Gosh just take a look at all those pointy things he/she gets to stick in your mouth and these are just the ones they use to smooth off a crown.


Chesney said...

I'd rather go to the gynecologist than the dentist LOL! Your picture doesn't help that situation either!

Anonymous said...

Hey--your search wasn't far enough---you have a great dentist with SERVICE in mind right here in the family. Love ya Lynette