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April 23, 2009

{Day 89}

Theme # 205 Obsession
I really love Easter time. Its when the weather is finally suppose to start to warming up. Yah Right, tell that to mother nature this year. Flowers are in bloom, birds are busy building nest and the grass is green. Well I can say that I got one out of the four, the birds are building next but not doing it very fast as they are also TOO cold to move.
I also LOVE and the Easter candies, with chocolate being my FAV.
Any way I can get it, I love it, Chocolate eggs, bunnies, M&M's, Malt Balls, kisses.
If it has chocolate as one of the main ingredients, I LOVE IT.
You can keep all those jelly beans, marshmallow bunnies and gummy things, it's all about the Smooth brown Chocolate.


Chesney said...

Oh, these look yummy!! Great new additions to your gallery, my you have been busy this morning! Especially love all of your beautiful flowers!!

mljrbg said...

Just looked through your new posts. The flowers are very pretty and add a lot of color and your baking series and landscapes are great.