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December 06, 2011

Ralphie the Camel

Via Flickr:
It has always been a dream of my DH to have his very own camel. Well long story short, he didn't get his camel, he let his cousin get one which we get go enjoy. So far Ralphie has been to almost all the elementary schools in my district. He's played a major role in the area Christmas pageants. He's been to wagon day in Salmon Idaho and been as far as the Idaho Utah border. Wherever he goes he always draws a huge crowd. Ralphie love bananas and apples but not carrots. Loves to be scratched with a garden rake and NO the cold Idaho weather doesn't bother him in the slightest.


Anonymous said...

He looks all gussied up and very pleased with him self, Go On buy your Hubby one for christmas I mean how expensive can they be? LOL

Gisele said...

Ralphie looks very noble in this shot!

Lois said...

Ralphie is a star and it looks like he knows it.

Sunny said...

Handsome fellow, isn't he? I have a menagerie of critters, but don't think a camel is one I ever thought about adding to the mix. (Not starting to think about it today, either! lol)

Jaime said...

LOVE this! Great catchlight.

I've been gone a bit and didn't realize you were back on. Glad to see you posting again. :)