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February 03, 2011

02.01.11 Together

"Slow down!"  I am streaming
"No, FASTER, hurry!"  "Can't you go any faster, they're going to get away?"
"I don't see this every day, ya know."
Two red tail hawk, male and female hanging out in my trees.
Still dressed in 3 inch heel, I grab my camera, my 300mm lens and tripod.  I must be crazy!  I make trails through the snow to find a great spot to set up.  Darn tree branches, why do they always have to been the wrong spot.  I am being watched very closely now, is she friend of foe?  The male takes flight, he's had enough of me.  The female stays for a bit longer, then she is gone.
I make my way back to the house through 6+ inches of snow and ice making sure not to slip and fall.
Darn hills, why don't they put better tread on the bottoms of these things.  Next time I am going to make sure I am not in a dress, have on my snow boots and I have a coat.
Oh what we will do for the sake of getting the shot.  Good thing DH wasn't taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

I love the description of what you went through to get the shot almost as much as the actual shot. We have a hawk or two in the park near me, but I have never seen two together. Nice capture!

Anonymous said...

Great story Barb, LOL, and you managed to get them hanging out together, not crazy but focused!

Anonymous said...

We grab what we can when we can, and you grabbed a beauty. Good to see you were dressed appropriately to receive your guests!

BobbieCoughlin said...

Making your way through 6 inches of snow in heels shows incredible dedication! I understand your frustration. Even though the branch is in the way, you've still captured the connection between the pair.

Pitterle Postings said...

Love the description of the trials of a photographer. It is so true!! Hate the idea of wearing heels anywhere!!

Lois said...

Wonderful capture...and the story to go with it as well

Anonymous said...

This was well worth the hassle and the cold feet...this is an amazing capture!

Anonymous said...

True dedication to your art! Am sure they couldn't have been too worried when they saw you approach in the dress/heels...probably knew you couldn't pursue them seriously. Super shot!
By the way, I love when your site comes up as I get such a warm feeling every time I view the boy in the orange shirt on the left...he looks like such a character!