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January 07, 2011

1.4.11 Resolution – Challenge

I am not really a goal oriented person.  I am on the other hand a spontaneous, riding on the seat of your pants type of gal.  Not much into making list or checking them twice.
When I read about all the goals that people are writing down I feel a bit left out.  So to start of this year like everyone else, I made a list. 
I challenge myself, no I resolve to -
1.  Remember.  Remember important date of my family members. Seems that birthdays, anniversaries and such sneak past and before I know it they are long gone.  I resolve to do better.
2.  Do away with the soft drinks.  After cancer surgery (thyroid cancer) I was left with the inability to drink anything that didn’t have a taste.  WATER WAS OUT!  I can say that I am HOOKED on the carbonation BURN.  I resolve to find something better than sodas that will quench my thirst.
3.  Get organized.  Ever seen those show where they showcase a person with a terrible hording addiction?  Well I am not that bad but I do have my stashes of things (stuff) that I have been moving around from place to place.  Time to sell, give away or through out.

There you have my Challenge for 2011.  My New Years Resolution.  It’s a small list compared to some but it will take me the whole of 2011 to get something's completed so I am ready for 2012.


BobbieCoughlin said...

The perspective and the island of focus, along with the use of B&W gives a sense of introspection to the photo.

dragonfurflying said...

All of your photos are wonderful! (And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only recovering packrat around! lol It's a lifelong addiction that takes constant vigilance, even after you've gotten rid of a lot--something about nature abhorring a vacuum, maybe???)
I look forward to another year of your photographs!

Anonymous said...

The selective focus draws you to the theme point, good stuff!

Pitterle Postings said...

Love the writing with your photography today. It tells a story and that is great. I also love your resolutions. Mine are similar, not quite the same, but very similar. I just wish it were easy to dejunk and dechoas my life!!

Anonymous said...

Your perspective and depth of focus are just perfect for this view of your list. And your self-portrait was really well done...the angle was interesting and flattering.

Unknown said...

Stopped in and noticed that you're looking for something other than soda to quench that carbonation burn you love... I love Clear American sparkling water from Walmart! It comes in lots of flavors (my favorite are black cherry and white grape, my girls love the lemon). After being a soda junkie for years, "fizzy water" is pretty much all we drink now... and this stuff is perfect!