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December 15, 2010

ABC Photo Challenge Dec 15th - Dec 21st Letter "N"

First off I must tell those of you that posted your "M" photos last week...
THANK YOU for playing along!!!
I really have to apologize for not being a better host.  Along with winters snow and cold comes the FLUE.  Yup you guessed it... I let my immunity guard down and I was blessed with the sniffle, scratch throat and nagging cough.  
Feeling much better today, better as long as I don't try any talking or sugar products.
I did, however, manage to get some photo taken for this weeks ABC Photo Challenge.  Not to sure how good they are but they will get the point across.
BTW - can you believe that we are half way done going through the alphabet?  
Now for this week ABC Photo Challenge and my interpretation of the LETTER "N"

N is for Nikon Camera
Just a few of my odds and ends that I can't bare to be without
Nikon Collection

N is for Naval Oranges
I've been eating a lot of these lately, got to fill up on the "C's.  With the freeze that Florida is having I'm wondering how it's going to effect the orange prices?  Come to think of it my oranges come from California,  whhh I feel better now.
Naval Oranges

N is for rock Nativity
A friend of mine us to paint of rock while I did the painting on wood.  That was some time ago, way before photography.  Sometimes I still miss getting out in the woodshed and cutting something up.
Rock Nativity

N is for Noel
Another rock creation.  Don't ya just love the whimsical looking faces?  

N is for Notions - sewing Notions
I have decided that this year all my grandchildren are getting new quilt  These would not be the store bought kind.  NO, these would all be sewn and tied by yours truly.  Only have 5 more to go and I will have Christmas all tied up, pardon the pun. Ü

N is for Night - Silent Night
It's a standing joke around my house that we have a piano but not one to play it.  I decided that I could add to the holiday cheer around the house by playing a few of my favorite Holiday pieces.  Silent Night is my all time FAVE.
Silent Night

N is for Note - Song Note 
Small Note

Now it's your turn to share, for those of you that haven't joined us before, here are the rules -
  • The Alphabet (ABC) Photo Challenge is a means of encouraging you to get out of our comfort zone, take your camera and be creative with how you see each letter of the alphabet. 
  • Each week (starting Wednesday's) we start off with a new alphabet letter, we will go in consecutive order, a,b,c,d,e etc.
  • You can take a picture every day or just once a week using the letter as a guideline, that's totally up to you.   If you don't get one every day, don't feel bad, this is all for fun, practice and seeing the world around you in a new way.
  • Please remember to leave some love, comments and encouragement for those that are also participating in the ABC Photo Challenge, we could all use some that.  
  • You're welcome join us whenever you'd like as often as you like! 
  • You can find more information about the "Alphabet Shoot Challenge" by  Clicking Right HERE 
  • Add my ABC button to your ABC Photo, button found ar the bottom this blog.
  • Please  link-up to only the Challenge Post and not your whole Blog.  You can do this by clicking on your Challenge Posts Title and then copy and past that into the URL spot.


4 Lettre Words said...

Well, I am a Canon gal...but I really LOVE that rock nativity! :)

Lori said...

great N pictures. hope you are feeling better

Pitterle Postings said...

Love the rock nativity and the noel! You are so talented.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I love your N pictures. My favorite is the noel one.
I hope you feel better. We have been battling sickness at our house.

Seizing My Day said...

Stunning photos!! Love the rock nativity!! So cool! My N post is odd... =) trying to play along and run a blog story along with it... since I don't seem to be posting much these days! Oh my!

Katie said...

I really really like your Silent Night shot!!!

Uncommon Depth said...

Get better soon. I swear by Echinacea and other herbal cold & flu remedies to keep the germs at bay.

Really like your Silent Night and Song Note images.