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October 25, 2010

Sneak Peak

I finally had time to get to a the last photo sessions that I did.  Gosh where did the time go.
Remember the Cutest Kid Contest that I held this past summer?  Well Gina and her family got the most votes by a land slide and won a FREE family session.
Here are three of many that I got to work on.  Love the oranges and pink of the little dresses.  Not to be forgotten the Cutest Kids that I got to work with.
Gina if you are looking, the CD is coming to your family this week.  Finally after right?
 If I remember right the middle little girl, the one on the box wasn't feeling up to snuff.  She was a good sport through it all thou.  Aren't these little girls just adorable?
 Ah such a cutie-pie.  I love little girls at this age.  Got to love the star crocks,  their mom is so talented with putting things together.
Got to love the leftovers of a wedding.  She's going to be a daddy's heart breaker when it's her time for the real thing.
Thanks Gina for allowing me to spend time with your wonderful family.


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

Each and everyone a credit to you and a cherishing of these fresh young faces.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Cute little girls :-D