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October 06, 2010

Falls Taste of Home

Twelve hours of glorious colors, weather and adventure. Tuesday I was invited by a dear friend to take a road trip through Teton Nation Park. Fall! Tetons! Oh what an adventure. But this adventure came with one stipulation, I HAD TO DRIVE! I could do this, I could steer through the maze of tourists, lookouts and get us where we plotted to go as long as I had a navigator.

We left a 8:15 am. The weather was cool, crisp and clear. We drop over the pass past Swan Valley, Beautiful. I love this time of year all the fall colors, pocket of color amongst all the forest green.

THEN it was time for the 10% down grade climb down into the Jackson Valley. The summit top was in sight and I knew that the car breaks would be getting their work out this morning. We crested the top of the summit started our descent to the valley floor. Got past Glory Bowl (which is where in the winter, avalanches are always set up) and could almost see the Grand sticking through the heavy clouds. On to a couple more mountain turn and Jackson should be in sight. NOT! Jackson this morning is totally fogged in. Remind me of looking out over an ocean fog. Had I come all the hour and half drive not to be able to see anything? I really hope that by the time we tour Teton Village the fog will have lifted so that I can take the photos that I have gotten planned. Jenny Lake, Hidden Falls, Black Bears, Log Cabins, just to name a few that were on the agenda today.
Fall reflections in Jenny Lake.  Cristal, ice smooth water.  A water skiers dream if you like water skiing in a ice bath.  I really love this area, one of my most favorite.  Take the scenic route going north past Teton Village down the Wilson/Moose Road.  Enter the Teton Nation Park and head to the Jenny Lake Parking lot.  In the summer month there are boat shuttles across Jenny Lake.  Today, however, I was on foot.  Thus giving me the opportunity to get down and capture fall as it reflects of a watery mirror.   The trail around Jenny Lake will take you to Cascade Canyon, to Hidden Falls and  Inspiration Point.  An for the more adventures, in fit hiker, Hurricane Pass.
Now in on up the high way to eagles, Snake River, Buffalos, old homestead and Oxbow Bend.  Had the skies not been so hazy, had I been here earlier, had I done this or that differently, I would have been able to get a much more detailed photo of the Grand Teton Mountain range.  But wasn't in the cards for today so I will just have to settle more more reflections that blues mountains.
One of the amazing things to capture this time of year is all the black bears foraging for winter food.  I is mind boggling how a 200+ pound animal can maneuver up thin berry branches for a bite to eat.  They are so cagey yet intimidating.  It's times like this that I wish that I had remembered to remove my polarizer lens, use my tripod and just sit, wait and enjoy the shop.

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Pitterle Postings said...

OH, WOW!!These are amazing!! I love them and I so wish that I could go there too! You did a great job with this one. I love the reflection in the water!

Ashley Sisk said...

Those reflections are absolutely beautiful!

- Jessi - said...

Do you live there? We go about every 2 years and we were there last year. I love moose/wilson road. It's always the place to see the animals & it's a nice drive. The leaves are changing. Love your photos!

jillconyers said...

Beautiful photos. Love the colors of fall.

My WW is here I see it

Anonymous said...

I love the tetons, but have never been there in the Fall months...OMG, how beautiful! you pictures are just stunning! I can't believe you saw a bear too...I am looking forward to more images of this area!

Michelle said...

That first reflection shot is sensational!! I'm in love :D

HRANDICA said...

Beautiful reflections.Amazing!!
And this bear, o my...I can't belive it's real.
Hugs from Germany

~Shari said...

Barb - the reflection in that lake is gorgeous. Perfect.

Thanks for allowing us to go on your Teton adventure with you!

Jessica said...

The pictures are amazing! We're heading to the mountains at the end of this month. Seeing your pictures gets me more excited than I already was!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the first one, the reflective colors are just amazing!

Unknown said...

bears are in the wild and Jackson WY. and Teton Nation Park are roughly 1.5 hours away. Yellowstone Nation Park is a little over 1 hour away from my home. Did I tell you that I LOVE living where I do? Well I Love living where I do.

Unknown said...

One Word - Incredible!
I've never been.
Thanks for sharing,