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March 06, 2010

65 - 03.06.10 - COLOR ACCENT

Circular Color Accents
Best time to buy holiday goodies is after the holiday, right?  Except when you need some much needed color in the house.  I have come to the conclusion that I am a very color deprived person.  Trying to find colors that would photograph well this week has been a big challenge.   Thank goodness I am on to a new theme this next week.
Last of my Valentine candies was the only thing I could find today that had any accents.
f/2.2 @ 1/800 250ISO -1/2EV 50mm

Leave me a comment if you happen by and I will return the favor.   Barb P.


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

The heart is a good touch as it keeps the circulation circling, nice tones on the candy too.

Chesney said...

Great coordinating colors...this is really easy on the eyes (and stomach)! :)

Shannon Joy said...