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February 28, 2010

59 - 02.28.10 - COLOR ACCENT

What Is That? - Color Accents
f/3.8 @ 1/250 200ISO no flash
My Sunday breakfast/brunch has to consist of pancakes, bacon and eggs.  This is something that I have always loved as a kid and still love even as an adult.  My children on the other not so much.  They say they (the kids) are yuck-o.  Where did they come from to have that idea, this is true comfort food at it's simplest form.  Some foods that you grow up with just bring back such good memories and this is one of them.  Some other memory foods of mine are Beef-A-Roni casserole, lump-y-dick, homemade bread, chocolate cake or dry ice root-beer.


BobbieCoughlin said...

Sunday = pancakes! Your photo has my mouth watering--I can practically smell them cooking! I love the bright yellow of the yolk.

Sheryl Salisbury said...

Barb, great job. I haven't taken mine for the day. You had a wonderful idea for the color accent. Well done.

Chesney said...

Love the way that yoke just stands out among all that idea and great execution!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot and nice selective focus. Your whites are so white - what did you use for lighting, or was it partly done in post processing?