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January 17, 2010

Composition First! – Mini Assignment #1

January Photo Assignment #1
I have a real difficulty with 1/3rds.  I practice on one of my grandsons, he was a good sport with helping out with this assignment.
I find myself not leaving enought wiggle room, as I call it, around the person I am photographing.
I am trying to remind myself when photographing people
1.  get the lighting right
2.  set the right aperture
3.  keep shutter speed above 1/60 or 1/200 for kids
4.  focus on the eyes
5.  keep the eyes on one of the 1/3 intersecting lines
6.  don't crop off limbs

This is a work in progress and is easier said then done.
f/3.5@1/00 ISO 250 50mm withbounced flash


Ragan said...

I have trouble with the ROTs in-camera too. I usually just crop to ROT in post, but I should work on getting it right in camera. His eyes are right on the top line. Good job! If you had more space to his right (camera left) I think you could even move his eyes to the top right ROT intersection since he's looking off to the other direction. He's very cute, btw.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little guy and a nice portrait too. I'm with Ragan in wanting a bit more space to the left of the frame - it would give him some space to look into...

Thanks for doing the mini-assignment. Feel free to do other 'rules' as well. Would you mind using Mr. Linky to post the link to your assignment on the main VPW blog? That way people who aren't regularly visiting your blog might stop in for a visit (and lesson). Thanks.

BobbieCoughlin said...

This is really a lovely portrait. He's still and he's posing, but there's still that spark of BOY in his eye. His hands seems to have been softened a bit, while his eyes are crips and bright.

Anonymous said...

Love what you did here. Obviously you have good rapport with kids! It is a great shot and his eyes really stand out to me. Nice work. I only do people on occasion. . . I'll use your tips for sure.

Clara said...

I wish that my DGD would sit still and let me photograph her. I like the white shirt and the white chair against the dark background. The focus is definitely on his eyes and they are sharp.

Anonymous said...

What a cute grandson you have (and how nice of him to pose, neither of my boys would ever do that)! Your portrait really turned out wonderful, I am w/ Julie - would like to see a little more room on the left, but wow, wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You have a keepsake for sure. He doesn`t really look happy to be doing the posing but then that must be the guy thing.

Sue said...

Great capture...his eyes are perfect.

karren said...

I LOVE your blog. thank you for looking at mine. I am following you now. I'm impresesd with your beautiful images.

Anonymous said...

Very nice portrait of a handsome young man. How nice of him to pose for you! Well-composed shot.