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January 15, 2010


Just a bit of chaos around the bird feeder this mornin.
This is a really bad, out of focus, blurry and noisy photo.  But,  I had to get a shot of all my Dear Hubby's birds  that he is feeding this winter.  It take these birds about 30 minutes to empty the feeder.  I am just hoping that my woodpecker, pheasant and turkeys come back this spring.


terricreates said...

I like this picture. I took it in photoshop, even though I dont have the larger size, I think you can do some simple things with it if you want to improve. I pumped up the contrast, and increased saturation and did a round of lab sharpening. I think any one of those helps, but all in all its really cool how all the birds are swarming around. The increased saturation brought out some warm browns and some green too.

Anonymous said...

I am going to start calling you the BIRD, this is fun!

Clara said...

You have some hungry birds there. I love this picture.

Anonymous said...

I really like this one, too! I couldn't believe all the birds. This must be so much fun. I think a little levels adjustment in Photoshop Elements and maybe some light dodging would really bring out the beauty that is in this photo. I am glad you posted it!