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December 23, 2009

Idaho Nativity

Several Christmas's past, I was in charge of collecting  Christmas Nativity sets for a community Christmas display.  I have in my collection a total of about 20 different styles of Nativity sets.  They range in size of 1 inch to over 3 ft in height.  The largest is my favorite.  It is all handmade by me.  I designed it, cut the wood, painted it and did all the decorating.  There are 13 pieces in the set and all about 3 feet tall each.   Wisemen, Shepherds, Angels, Animals and the piece that is pictured here Mary Joseph and the Manger.  Not many people have seen this set, family doesn't even know that I even have it.  
So, Merry Christmas and Enjoy.


Chesney said...

How cool is that? I love this - what a fun collection! Merry Christmas!

Clara said...

Barb, that is a fabulous Nativity scene. You are very talented. I am looking forward to being in your discussion group. Your blog looks wonderful.

Madelaine said...

Happy New Year & Happy Blogging!