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May 08, 2009

Good Finds

Theme # 77 Discounts
This morning a spent $23.21 dollars at the grocery store. I was able to save #$12.53 because of coupons. I never cut coupons from papers or magazines, I only use what the store has right there in their fliers. It appears that this is the NEW rage with the younger generation these days, see how and what they can save on.
Gosh, I have been shopping like this for ages and it is now a sport.
Just what was I able to get this morning you ask?
I got another 4lbs of fresh strawberries at less than a dollar a pound, 4 2lb bags of frozen hash browns, 10 cans of veggies and 4 Hillshire Sausage ropes for grilling. Not bad for a short trip to the store.


Chesney said...

do you want to do my grocery shopping? I am awful w/ coupons! I always forget about them LOL

mljrbg said...

Great job both on the photo and on saving money!! I'm with Tammy, my coupons are always at home!!